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we visualize your ideas.

How can we help you?

At Bern Media we are focused on making short, convincing, modern looking videos. We help you translate your vision or idea into a video that is easy to share via social media, looks great on your website or in your presentation. We can help you in all the steps of the process from developing a convincing script to editing small sound effects in your video. We offer different kinds of movies for different kinds of budgets and goals.


Whiteboard Animation

Whiteboard animations are developed in collaboration with professional artists who are skilled to visualize your story in one giant drawing. This process is all captured and edited on cue with a professional voice-over creating a stunning effect that is both amazing to watch and yet informative at the same time.


Motion Infographic

Motion infographics combines both professional looking visuals and auditory stimuli to cater to multiple learning styles to evoke stronger emotion than static imagery alone. Our modern motion graphics allow brands and companies to present a single idea, process or services in a captivating way.


Live-action Film

Live-action films are perfect to show your product, company or personal story. Our live action films are digitally produced and edited in full High Definition with the latest equipment in order to deliver the highest quality of film to create a cinematic look.


Dario’s showreel

Motion Infographic

Nuxie Catalogs

Motion Infographic

Paris a Amsterdam

Live-action Film

Diamond Life

Live-action Film

Jasper van kuijk trailer

Whiteboard Animation


DUTCH National Police – app

Motion infographic

Who we are


Mark Studer

Founder, motion designer & live action film maker


Jeffry H Bakker

Live action film maker


Dario Stefanutto

Web designer, motion designer